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Download Curium Songs

You can now download MP3s of Curium songs from here. Less crackly versions available on request.

All songs © David Pinching

From "Europe by Song" (2002):

London.mp3 (1.58 MB)
Lonely Street Revisited.mp3 (1.64 MB)
The Deepest Blues.mp3 (2.05 MB)

From "Cyprus" (2000):

Hurricane.mp3 (1.57 MB)

From "Bedroom Pioneer" (1997):

Cheap Alcohol.mp3 (1.94 MB)
Stay in Your Arms.mp3 (2.37 MB)

From "Comfort" (1997):

Zeep Zeep.mp3 (0.99 MB)
Outside.mp3 (2.09 MB)

From "Faded!" (1996):

Your Friend.mp3 (1.45 MB)
A Proper Song.mp3 (1.22 MB)