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Sites to fascinate and amuse:

Oxford Student Music Reviews
An objective look at my 1995-97 best of album. My heart warms immodestly.
Si Taor's homepage.
He scored over 8.5 on "Hot or Not". Apparently.
Text Reversing Tool
.daeh ruoy ni txet gnisrever ytluciffid evah uoy wonk I
Jumbalaya. Boggle online
A word game to waste your time on if you're too lonely for Scrabble.
More photos
Some shameful haircuts and lifestyles on show.
Loads of books to read for free online with some words of wisdom by yours truly
X Refer
This is such a useful reference site I feel obliged to link it
Am I Hot or Not
Site dedicated to judging people superficially. Amusing, obviously, but in a very evil way.
A site about meaningless words.