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Curium was formed in 1994 and is still alive. There are eight albums including one 'best of'. It got less and less rock and roll but more and more tuneful. That is all there is that's worth knowing.

Thanks to Richard Baynes, Rob Kerridge, Gary Iszatt, Paras Anand, Anna Warrington, Ian Roberts, Rory Phillips, Jim Sandy, Si Taor and Olly Francis for being the band and its various offshoots: The Casual Straitjackets, Tippi Hedren and Ideal Fish Bar. Cheers to Stefan Walters and Barry Ng for writing some kicking songs and making strumming and shouting the only thing to do in a shack. It's been fun.

You can get various songs I have written from the download page

All my albums are available on CD - email me at davidpinching at hotmail dot com for details.